Activity day "Birthday of RDRC" - 3rd Anniversary of RDRC

Обновлено: 14 Ноябрь 2018
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rusengActivity day Birthday of RDRC
We invite all fans of digital radio modes to the Birthday of RDRC. Our club was founded on March 21, 2014. We welcome you to visit us on 3rd Anniversary of the Russian Digital Radio Club on Saturday, March 25 from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC on 160-80-40-30-20-17-15-12-10 meters bands in MFSK16 mode. Repeated QSO are counted on different bands. We recommend to carry out short QSO: report, name, membership number RDRC (e.g. RDRC#3). Keep received club number in any of logbook column, such as COMMENT or QTH.
For club members and guests, we have prepared the following competitions:

"The most desirable guest" - this contest is for participants who are not the members of RDRC. For the biggest quantity of QSOs the winner will be adopted to our club and he will receive a Club Certificate with a "round" RDRC number - RDRC#800. In case of equal number of QSOs with two or more participants in determining the winner, the number of unique call signs will firstly be taken into account, and then - the number of bands.
"Hospitable hosts" - only members of RDRC particapate in this competition. One pennant of RDRC will be drawn in a lottery among the members of the club, which will be included in the TOP-30 among all participants of the day activity.
"We play forfeits" - only one pennant of RDRC in this contest will be played between the participants in the lottery, who will be able to do one of the following:
The forfeits will be played in the competition:
- to carry out QSO with 50 unique callsigns;
- to carry out QSOwith 30 members of the RDRC;
- to carry out the greatest number of QSO on one band.
If the winner of the "Forfeits" and the owner of our pennant will become a participant who is not a member of the club, he will be adopted to RDRC.
"Russian lotto" - RDRC pennant will be played in a lottery between the club members who work at least 10 QSO, and will be able to "close", i.e. to carry out QSO on three or more bands. The number of lottery tickets will be proportional to the product of the number of QSOs to the number of bands. For example: 30 QSOs on 9 bands  = (30 x 9): 10 = 27 lottery tickets; 10 QSOs on 3 bands = (10 x 3) : 10 =   3 lottery tickets. Thus, the greatest number of bands and QSOs will increase the chances of getting a prize.

For recommended bands please refer to the Rules of Digital activity days "01-10". Reports in adif-format (.adi) send to e-mail 01-10[at] untill 23:59 UTC 30 March, 2017. Report file should be named with your callsign (e.g. RK3DSW.adi). In the letter please indicate the family name, first name, postal address and number of RDRC for the club members. Post your notes in Forum section "Birthday of RDRC".

Additional prizes and gifts are welcome. We are waiting for you on March 25 on Birthday of RDRC!
4th Anniversary of RDRC - Saturday, March 24, 2018