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«FT4 SPRINT fast training» competition is held annually by the Russian Digital Radio Club in accordance with this regulation in 4 rounds: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. At the end of each round, certificates are issued on the AWARDS CENTER of RDRC website to all participants who sent reports and showed results of 1 or more points. Among those who took part in each of the four rounds, the results for the calendar year are summed up by the sum of the results, as well as a fifth certificate is issued and and a special prize is drawn in a lottery with your call sign and the club's logo. The prize sticker is additionally placed on the certificates of the winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. 4 rounds of «FT4 SPRINT fast training» are held starting from 2021 on the last Saturdays of January, April, July, October from 07:00 to 09:00 UTC on the 40 and 20 meter bands in the following frequency bands 7043-7046 KHz and 14076-14079 KHz.

Overall standings among all participants. The FT4 digital view is operated in contest mode. Dupe QSOs can be made on different bands.
The control number consists of an RST and a QSO sequence number starting from 0001. General call CQ FT (in the MSHV program) or CQ RU (in the WSJT-X program).

«FT4 SPRINT fast training» in 2024 will be held: I round - January 27, II round - April 28 - Sunday, III round - July 27, IV round  - October 26.
The results are published in the FT4 SPRINT section.

Points are calculated as follows: using the first letter of the suffix of the correspondent's call sign, the table is filled in. For example: R3KEE - the first letter of the suffix "K", etc. You can monitor the completion of your table online. To do this, you need to configure the MSHV or WSJT-X programs to transfer data about connections to our site. How to do this, read on the page of the online game BUKVITSA. After setting up the program, go to the website at http://awards.rdrclub.ru/ft4sprint/YOUR_CALL/ and observe the filling of your table during the FT4 SPRINT.

- for each filled row or each filled column - 10 points;
- for each completed diagonal - 50 points;
- multiplier - the number of different call sign suffixes.
The result is determined by the formula:
points = (1 + (rows * 10) + (cols * 10) + (diag * 50)) * suffix + qso total 
If the results are equal for two or more participants, the occupied places will be determined by the number of connections made.
With equal indicators in the number of points and in the number of QSOs held, participants will share the place taken.
Radio communication with a correspondent who did not send a report is counted if the correspondent's call sign is found in at least three different reports.

Reports are accepted only in ADI format and must be uploaded no later than 23:59 UTC on the first Monday after each round via the WEB interface:

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«FT4 SPRINT fast training» certificates

A sample of the prize with the call sign RK3DSW (click on the picture to enlarge it):

Currently, the following SOFTWARE supports contest mode:
MSHV - we recommend the version 2.51 and subsequent versions, which added our competition "FT4 SPRINT fast training"
WSJT-X - we recommend versions starting from 2.2.2
Programs can be downloaded on our website in the section PROGRAM ARCHIVE

Setting up MSHV to participate in the contest:
1) download and install the program
2) see the program settings in the menu "Help - MSHV Help"
3) MSHV set up for "FT4 SPRINT fast training" are published here:
4) don't forget to set the QSO counter to "1"

Configuring WSJT-X to participate in the contest:
1) in the File menu, select Setting
2) in the window that opens, go to the Advanced tab
3) fill in the fields according to the instructions in the drawing:

4) go to the Frequency tab and add frequencies for FT4 modulation - 7,043 and 14,076

5) in the Mode menu, select FT4. An additional "Contest Log" window will appear, and the appearance of the control panel will change.
6) don't forget to set the QSO counter to "1" (or "0001")

Questions and answers in the club forum topics rdrclub.lan23.ru

We invite all fans of digital types of radio communication to support our competition with their participation. See you in the FT4 sprint, 73!