News about the results of 4th R3A-CUP-DIGI 2018

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The results of the 4th international Contest R3A-CUP-DIGI - RTTY Cup of «MSK TIME» 2018. The Contest took place on March, 30th. During the five-day period of receiving the reports to the address of Contest Committee of RDRC 99 reports have been received from participants of 34 regions of Russia and 14 foreign countries. Unfortunately, the cups were not played out, as not enough participants in the subgroups were declared, which was announced by the sponsors in the conditions of awarding these prizes. All participants in the test subgroups who have confirmed at least 70% of QSO will receive certificates in electronic form of three types: for winners, prize-winners and other participants. Congratulations to the winners of the well-deserved achievements and we wish all fans of digital contesting success in our next competition. See for details the summary Tables, UBN-report, and samples of certificates R3A-CUP-DIGI 2018:

Congratulations to the winners of the RTTY Cup «MSK TIME» in 2018! 1st place in the European part of Russia is at Anatoly Savin, RA4HL - 136 confirmed QSOs and 10.664 points. According to the Asiatic part of Russia, Vasily Bachurin showed the best result, RK9AY - 73 confirmed QSOs and 3.655 points. The best among Muscovites became Yuri Valuisky, UA5F - 130 QSOs and 34.832 points. The winner's certificate among foreign participants is awarded to Anatoly Babich, UY5HF - 104 QSOs and 6.120 points.

We started sending certificates in electronic form and plan to finish it in three days. Check your mailbox including the spam folder.

WINNER CERTIFICATE is awarded for 1st place in the subgroups; for the 1st place in each Federal District of Russia on the condition of not less than 3 members from the Federal District.
PRIZE-WINNER CERTIFICATE is awarded for 2nd and 3rd places in the subgroups; for 2nd and 3rd places in each Federal District of Russia on the condition of not less than 5 members from the Federal District.
The CERTIFICATE of PARTICIPANT is handed over to all other participants who have not borrowed prize-winning places, under condition of not less 70% CFM QSO (except for checklog).

Samples of certificates R3A-CUP-DIGI 2018 :
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5th R3A-CUP-DIGI Contest will be held March 29, 2019. We hope to see you in good health in the days of competitions and activities organized by our club!

73! - Contest Committee of R3A-CUP-DIGI