DX and Special Event Stations in RDRC Contests

Обновлено: 12 Апрель 2017
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rusengDX and Special Event Stations in RDRC Contests
We invite Special Event Stations with callsigns of temporary use to participate in our Contests. As a Rule all SES should be declared only in subgroup MOAB - MULTI-ONE. The specific character of work of DX and Special Event Stations in contests means that not only participants of competitions will hunt for such signals. At summarizing they may have a big percent of not confirmed contacts as a result of carried out  QSO with correspondents who were not participated in contest. Contest Board will apply Special Rules to SES and DX stations and will not transfer results into Checklog at more than 30% of unacknowledged contacts as is stated in penalty clauses. Thus, for the SES and DX stations it is desirable, but not required, to remove from the report the QSOs with the correspondents who did not take part in the competition. We remind that QSO with participants who does not send their reports are counted if the callsigns are listed there at least in three reports All russian SES callsigns will be put in statistics of MixW contest-module for their correct image and calculating the results in RUS-WW-MM.