News about the results of Russian WW MultiMode Contest 2017

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ruseng News about the results of Russian WW MultiMode Contest 2017
At November, 5 the results of Russian WW MultiMode Contest 2017 were summed up and published - international competitions on radio on HF in four types of modulation BPSK63, CW, RTTY and SSB, which took place on September, 30 and October, 1. During the five days period of receiving the reports by the Contest Committee of RUS-WW-MM 797 reports have been received from members of 67 regions of Russia and 65 countries of DXCC. We congratulate the winners and prize-winners of the well-deserved achievements and wish all the participants of RUS-WW-MM 2017 the following success in our next competitions. 5 prizes founded by members of the RDRC were raffled. In result of a separate set-off between Russian and foreign participants, the winners in Russia and the rest of the world were determined. Together with the results of subgroups, continents, countries and Federal districts and UBN-files, we publish for each participant (except for SWL and checklog) a List of confirmed areas CFM OBLAST which can be used in the form of applications for Award "Russia". For the first time as part of the competition, the «Youth Marathon» was held on 40 and 20 meters bands in which 35 young radio amateurs from the Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine took part: four of them in the individual competition and 31 composed of six teams.

In the «Youth Marathon», according to the regulations on awarding, only two cups were played:
•  The team RW9H - Anton Saraykin, Oleg Zhabin, Roman Vasilenko - 416 QSO and 499.032 points is awarded for the best result in the Asian part of Russia which became the best result in the world among the youth teams;
•  Jorrit de Bruin PA9J - 132 QSO and 53.200 points is awarded for the 1st place in the individual competition in the WORLD subgroup;
•  Traditionally, we will award each operator of youth teams with personal certificates.

Among the adult participants, three cups were played:
• For the best result in the world among the teams the UA4S team from the city of Volzhsk is awarded - 673 countries and regions (multipliers) and 1.559 QSOs;
• For the best result in the world in SOAB-MIXED, Mladen Bogdanov YT6W is awarded - 515 countries and regions (multipliers) and 863 QSOs;
• For the 4th place in the 4th RUS-WW-MM the cup was drawn in a lottery among the participants who took fourth places in their subgroups. The happy owner of this award was Sergey Fedotov RN3S who showed the 4th result in the European part of Russia in the subgroup SOAB-MIXED.

The special prize for participants from Russia - the radio station Baoefeng UV-5R will be played when the results of RUS-WW-DIGI are summed up among the contenders who took part in two competitions of the Russian WW MultiMode and the Russian WW DIGI of 2017.

Cups photo gallery - cliques on a picture:

Read more: Gallery of prizes and certificates.

257 participants from 67 administrative regions of Russia have competed in RUS-WW-MM 2017. The results of all Russian participants in their distribution by regions can be found in ALL-RUS-OBL summary table. The greatest number of contestmen is presented the following regions of Russia: Moscow region - 22 callsigns; Krasnodar region - 13; Voronezh region - on 11 callsigns.

We will send a large number of contest Certificates of three kinds: for the winners, for the prize-winners and for the rest of the participants, according to the Regulations on awarding. Please note when viewing your mail - check not only incoming messages but also spam folders. Cups and prizes will be sent during December-January in postal parcels to the addresses indicated in the reports. See Info about the sending of certificates and prizes published in the theme of Club Forum

We thank the Club's Activ for active assistance and will be glad to see you in good health on 31 March and 1 April 2018 in the 5th Russian WW MultiMode Contest, as well as in all following Contests organized by our club!

73! - Contest Committee of Russian Digital Radio Club