News about the results of 16th Russian WW PSK Contest 2018

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Final results Russian WW PSK Contest 2018 ruseng
On the eve of RDRC birthday and Activity Days devoted to 4th Anniversary of RDRC (was founded on March 21st, 2014) the results of Russian WW PSK Contest 2018 are published - the international competition in a radio communication on HF in BPSK31,63,125 modes which were held on February, 17-18. During the five days period of receiving the 718 reports have been received from members of 65 regions of Russia and 48 countries of DXCC. 49 young radio amateurs from Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine and Russia have taken part in contest. We congratulate the winners and prize-winners of the well-deserved achievements and wish all the participants the following success in our next competitions. In result of a separate set-off between Russian and foreign participants, the winners in Asiatic and European Russia and the rest of the world were determined.

Best results at CFM QSO and CFM MULT in subgroups:
• MOAB - Spitsinskaya high school team RK3PWR 645 QSOs, Tomsk University team RW9H 189 multipliers;
• SOAB - Vladimir Bashtinsky UA6CE 935 QSOs and 246 multipliers;
• SO160 - Gennady Gaponenko EU8A 93 QSOs and 27 multipliers;
• SO80 - Serge Efimenko UT3GP 295 QSOs, Gyula Draskovits HG1G 65 multipliers;
• SO40 - Serge Dobrovolsky UT2GA 558 QSOs, Vladimir Sukhanov UX5IO 92 multipliers;
• SO20 - Victor Lokker RA9AU 395 QSOs, Victor Dmitrienko UC0A 82 multipliers;
• SO15 - Nickolay Zhdankin UA6BJY 83 QSOs, Yuri Melnikov UN8PT 31 multipliers.

Primorye amateur Radioclub has established awards for participants RUS-WW-PSK 2018 from the Far Eastern Federal District in the personal Championship. Congratulations to the winner and the prize-winners of FEFD personal Championship. The staff of the Primorye amateur Radioclub rewards medal and diploma for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places: Victor Boyko R0CD - 186 QSOs, Alexander Chupin RW0LBR - 158 QSOs, Vladimir Arkhipov R0CW - 122 QSOs.

Certificates are already sent to all teams and their young operators. We shall continue to send a large number of contest Certificates of three kinds for the winners, for the prize-winners and for the rest of the participants, according to the Regulations on awarding. Please note when viewing your mail - check not only incoming messages but also spam folders. See Info about the sending of certificates published in the theme of Club Forum

Samples of certificates RUS-WW-PSK: Awards and certificates gallery of RDRC

We thank the club members of RDRC for active assistance and will be glad to see you in good health in all following Contests organized by our club!

73! - Contest Committee of Russian Digital Radio Club