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3-4 November - Activity Days RDRC «Planet DIGIRADIO»

Обновлено: 15 Октябрь 2019
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ruseng3-4 November Activity Days "Planet DIGIRADIO"
Russian Digital Radio Club invites to celebrate our national holiday the Day of People's Unity participation in Activity Days «Planet DIGIRADIO 2019» which will pass from 00:00 UTC November, 3rd till 11:59 UTC November, 4th on all 9 HF bands 160-10m in three various digital modes of a radio communication under the following schedule:
On November, 4th 2015 - Contestia, Hell, Thor
On November, 3rd - November, 4th 2016 - MFSK, Olivia, ThrobX
On November, 3rd - November, 4th 2017 - ROS, SIM, T10
On November, 3rd - November, 4th 2018 - Contestia, Thor, Throb
On November, 3rd - November, 4th 2019 - JT65, ROS, SIM31

Planet DIGIRADIO 2019 :
Our Days of Activity is open to SWL. Dupe QSOs are counted on different bands, and also in different modes on one band provided that dupe QSO in other mode will be lead through one QSO with other correspondent. This restriction on repeated QSO's on one band is the recommendation which we ask to carry out. Any penal sanctions for non-observance of this recommendation will not be.

We recommend to work short QSOs with the following minimum information exchange: RSQ, name and locator. For work it is recommended to use free-of-charge programs which can be loaded on a club site in section "Archive of programs".

It is necessary to send adif-file (.adi) from logbook till 23:59 UTC on November, 9th for summarizing the results to email  01-10(at)rdrclub.ru  which should be named: CALL.adi

Diplomas in electronic form will be reawarded with all participants of Digital Activity Day who would work 10 QSOs (SWL) and 3 digital modes. All certificates for contests and days of activity, since 2019, are loading on a site AWARDS CENTER OF RDRC.

Among members of Russian Digital Radio Club, who will take active part in «Planet DIGIRADIO 2019», organizers plan to raffle off double-sided one pennant with logotypes of РЦРК-RDRC - of members of RCRC with results not less than 30 QSO (three modes) for participants from Europe and not less than 10 QSO for members of the same club from other continents of the world.

Gallery of prizes and certificates: www.rdrclub.ru/gallery-prizes-rdrc

We invite members of RDRC to establish prizes for participants of Activity Day.

So, who wishes to work in "exotic" modes of a radio communication? Join our campaign! Pleasant to you of travel on «Planet DIGIRADIO»!

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